Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships

"Bridging the gap between nations"


Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships

At Global Fire & Rescue Partnerships, we truly believe in 'Bridging the gap between Nations' in regard to equipment and training within the area of Emergency Response & Rescue. We genuinely believe that our organisation could not continue its good work without our volunteers and our generous supporters.


We accept donations from all companies, organisations and services of surplus rescue equipment regardless of size. We then store these donations until an 'official request' has been received. We then provide these Countries with the appropriate equipment and the training to use it safely and effectively.


For more information on what we do, who we are, how to volunteer, or how to donate, please click the 'About us' button below. If you cannot find the information required, please feel free to click the 'Contact' button , at the top of the page to choose one of the contact methods.